Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Theater Poster (Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Wow. It’s bittersweet that after years, there is a replacement for the beloved 1975 television Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.  The golden tiara is now worn by Gal Gadot. Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman on the big screen. She adds dimensions to a comic book character that is known for beauty and brawn. Gadot’s performance reminds us why we love Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman believes in the good of mankind. She is outraged at the cowardice of others to do nothing in the face of evil. Wonder Woman is fearless. DC Films did it right.

Wonder Woman introduced to the outside world brings humorous moments. One of the humorous moments is when Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s cover name) sees a baby for the first time. Her reaction is believable based on how she grew up on Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island. Another is Chris Pine, as Steve Trevor, explaining why he is an above average male. Most female viewers agree with his self-assessment.

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