Thank you, Mr. Spock


Dear Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy),

Thank you for defining contemporary science fiction television. You helped to boldly take “Star Trek” where no man had gone before. You opened up new worlds of imagination. You started a generation of dreamers for a better horizon for all.

Public Domain
From left: Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols (Public Domain)

You humanized those outside of societal norms. You made being different interesting and fascinating. Intelligence is not only cool, but desirable. You were a predecessor and quintessential geek.

You taught intelligence is more powerful than brawn. The wise choose words with care. When it comes to speaking, less is more. Those who let emotions rule them are doomed. Yet, an emotionless appearance does not negate inner pain and love. Even the strongest feels pain.

You demonstrated the importance of viewing life from a logical perspective, including friends who may be irrational at times. When it comes to friends, there is a universal humor in pointing out the obvious. Friendship equates to selflessness. Selflessness is the highest sacrifice for the good of the many.

Thank you for enriching multiple lives. Thank you for the legacy you leave behind. Thank you for leaving the planet earth a little more interesting, fascinating and brighter.

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy for Mr. Spock. You will be missed and forever loved. Live long and prosper in the final frontier.

“Without followers, evil cannot spread.” – Spock, The Original “Star Trek”

C. C. J. Vann
C. C. J. Vann is a geek cultural freelance journalist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her blog is at