Why I’m mad about the movie ‘Logan’

‘Logan’ Theater Poster

I knew something bad was coming when the Wolverine movies by Marvel Entertainment got darker and sadder each movie. The final topper was Logan, the third solo movie. Logan, played by the great Hugh Jackman, is James Howlett, but his fans all know and love him as, ‘Wolverine’.

Wolverine is a baddie, but in a good way. He’s sullen, sarcastic and dangerous. He’s nearly invincible. While many other superheroes want to help society, he just wants to be left alone, preferably in the woods. Yet, the Logan in the movie Logan makes me want to run away into the woods from Marvel X-Men movies.

Thank you, Mark Millar. Millar is the writer of the Old Man Logan, a Marvel Comics alternate dystopian series. The movie Logan is based on that series. To be fair to Millar, he doesn’t bear all the blame. Writers David James Kelly and James Mangold did their parts too in bringing the version to theaters.

In the latest movie of the Wolverine saga, Logan is an aging alcoholic. His health is failing. His body is being poisoned from his adamantium skeleton. Logan is one of the caregivers for Professor Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart. The other caregiver is Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant), a mutant tracker turned ally. Professor Xavier has Alzheimer’s disease and his telepathic powers are out of control. He often cries and mutters he is sorry for killing X-Men. Sad.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m mad about the movie Logan. I don’t care that some people think Logan is the best superhero movie ever.  No, this isn’t how things in the Marvel world should be. There is enough misery in the world without seeing it invade the big screen world of good guys. The good guys shouldn’t get it in the end. Fans are left with a story of how evil conquers good even in a superhero global society.

No one wants to see Wolverine brought down to a pathetic drunk on the big screen. He’s a superhero. Superheroes shouldn’t have the same shortcomings as average folks. They shouldn’t die. For Wolverine, there should be a happy ending. How about this ending? Logan finds his genetically-cloned daughter Laura Kinney, reunites with one of his loves, and lives happily ever after…in the woods.


C. C. J. Vann
C. C. J. Vann is a geek cultural freelance journalist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her blog is at ccjvann.com.